Friday, November 16, 2012

Best Windows 8 apps this week

Third in a sequence. Weekly we are looking at the best applications launched for Windows new os Windows 8. Today, we present new details to the format that tells you about potential user interface issues with Windows RT. As you may know, applications launched in Windows Shop are always suitable with Windows 8 and Pro, but not necessarily with Windows RT, the edition operating on ARM hardware, such as Surface.

Not suitable with Windows RT indicates this if so. We also take a look at program up-dates and if they present exciting new functions, include modified applications in the list. This weeks time that's for example the case with the Look for engines Look for app, which not only becomes suitable with ARM techniques but also presents YouTube movie play-back with an upgrade.

Google Search

While not launched this weeks time, the program received a major upgrade a few days ago that presents two new functions. First, it is now fully suitable with Windows RT techniques, and second, it can now perform movies on YouTube out of the box. Previously, YouTube shown an error message that Flash Player was not installed on the program. The program itself feels like a limited edition of Look for engines Firefox for the managing body modern program with some limitations, like losing tab or extension support, and looking bar at the top that is always visible.

Norton Satellite

Not suitable with Windows RT. An anti-virus program for Windows 8 that you can use to check out your Facebook feed, Dropbox consideration, or files or files on the regional program. The program joins to Symantec hosts during tests, which means that you need an Internet entry to run tests using the app. The file and directory choice choices are complicated to use. The program won't check out subfolders for example and does not accept the choice of multiple files for a check out.


The formal Barnes & Nobles Place program for Windows 8. Syncs with Place pills and PCs so that entry to all guides and publications is available on all devices. The program functions a store, well-known programs, details and publications. The reader facilitates bookmarks, various typeface configurations, choices to pin guides to the managing body Begin display and more. If there is a thing to criticize, it is the lack of choices to import guides from the regional program. That's actually also losing in Amazon's Kindle application


The formal Nickelodeon program for Windows 8. If you happen to be a fan of Spongebob Squarepants, or have little ones operating around who are, the mixture of details, movies and activities should prove to be quite interesting. The beginning web page shows links to well-known sequence that run on Nickelodeon, well-known characters like Spongebob, Ninja Turtles or Victoria Rights, as well as activities and movies of which only the latter perform directly in the app. The activities start in a web browser window instead.

Backgrounds Picture HD

This program allows you to pick fresh wall picture pictures for the managing body lock display and consideration image. New material is added regularly to the program, and choices are available to save the image you are watching in the program to use it as the body desktop background image as well.

The program functions well-known, new and wall picture of the day groups, as well as group-based wall picture results.


The well-known British thesaurus and database creates its first appearance on Windows 8. The program allows you to look up terms you want to discover out more about, including explanations, punctuation suggestions, phonetic punctuation, usage examples, alternatives and relevant terms.

It is totally without any ads, does not require an online relationship and facilitates North American, British, Australia and international British.


A movie program for a Spanish speaking audience bringing reveals, telenovelas, dramas and movies from Univision Networks to Windows 8. All material are totally able to accessibility, and functions such as pinning your favorite reveals to the start display are available to make it as comfortable as possible to accessibility reveals right from that display.

How Things Works

This is the formal How Things Performs program that creates available the same material that you discover on the web page and the website's YouTube route on Windows 8. You can look through well-known material, dive into programs or look at the show results from the apps' frontpage.

Contents shown in the program are always shown in fullscreen, which is probably the biggest advantage over the web page where food selection and other web page elements are shown as well.


This program is in many regards similar to the How Things Performs, only that it creates available material from Popular Science instead. Articles and movies are available when you start the program. From here you can look at the latest material and movies on the site, or look through one of the available groups such as devices instead.


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